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We all desire to decorate our homes like no one does. Interior designers share plenty of interior design ideas and concepts to decorate every nook and corner of your house. Some homeowners stick to the basics and traditional luxury home decors. Others look for modern home decors that include tasteful artistic contents to make their homes look contemporary and maybe futuristic as well. Every house has a personality and Crystamas has a wide variety of items to showcase your homes look. When picked correctly, luxury home decor can help the home depict the personality of the homeowner. Luxury home decor and homeware accessories will accent your home with a unique and luxurious design.

From a grand teddy to Sempre Heart – 24k Gold, you can thoughtfully choose luxury decor to exhibit your individuality and class. Crystamas has various styles to bring you perfect options that make Corporate Gift, Valentine’s Day Gift, or Mother’s Day Gift, birthday gift one to remember....
Here at Crystamas, we have real pieces of beauty from the following categories:

Grand Home Category
This category brings you an exclusive range of home accent pieces for a grand home. The Grand Home category features beauties that can amplify the looks and feel of any room. There is no match for the luxurious feel you can add to any room of your house. Each piece is made to amplify the vibes of even the finest room. These luxury items are made in gold, platinum, red, black and white colors. Some even have Swarovski pearls. Each piece of décor is designed to serve the intended purpose for years to come. Whether it is Helmet Of Bling or Leaf Of Bling, the look and style of each product remain fresh and new.

A lovely heart box, jewelry box, and every other item in the Grand Home Category makes a memorable Valentine’s day gift or mother’s day gift. Leaf of Bling – Platinum is the best corporate gift for special events like New Year, completion of ten years, and so on. From luxury wine coaster to engagement ring box we have all your needs covered. Special people deserve special home accessories. Shop now for a special occasion gift.
Grand Ornaments Category
Explore this category if you are unable to find ornaments you feel that you deserve. The collection features decors that bring your disappointments to an end by offering the ideal styles and designs for your house. The Grand Ornament category is for people who love unique and impressive homeware.
Christmas is approaching and this is the right time to purchase swag Christmas ornaments. Crystamas brings you unique pieces of luxury Christmas decorations and ornaments that may be a little hard to find. Orbis Globe Christmas Ornament – Gold Icicle Diamante Christmas Ornament, Gold, Disci Medallion Christmas Ornament, – Gold and ornaments are unique, beautiful and ideal for decorating the Christmas tree. We have timeless classic designs for those looking for a perfect heirloom gift. Each modern ornament for Christmas is a perfect corporate gift for that day. Each ornament has its own keepsake box. There is a metal chain for hanging the ornament on the Christmas tree.
Luxe Ornaments Category
Each ornament in this collection is exceptional. Color, design, shape, material and every other aspect make each luxe ornament a masterpiece. We have the highest grade standard jewelry made from Gold, or Rhodium. Many of our extraordinary pieces of jewelry feature Swarovski crystals. If you love to collect classic or contemporary ornaments, then you will be pleased to explore our collection of luxe ornaments. From the Star of David to Gold Studs, we have the finest ornaments that are ideal gifts for corporate events and the biggest days of the year such as Christmas. These are luxury, expensive ornaments made in America and come in either a handmade display box or keepsake box. Explore our Luxe Ornaments collection featuring Orbis Globe, Disci Medallion, Ovali Augustus, Rectangular Magnificus, Star of David and other lovely Luxe Ornaments. Decorate the Christmas tree with luxury luxe ornaments.
Luxe Home Collection
It is a cute collection to fall in love with. Luxe home collection consists of unique and beautiful pieces of decor made with precious metals including Rhodium and 24 karat gold. There is no match for Swarovski pearls. Sempre Heart, Grand Teddy, Joy of Genesis, Pearla Flamma and other items can effortlessly enhance the ambiance of any room. Whether it is classic or contemporary, each masterpiece is made in the US. If you are looking for a perfect corporate gift, or gift for any other special day or occasion, let our Luxe Home Category put an end to your search.
sports-collectables/Sports Collectables
If you are a sports fan then let your place reflect your love by decorating it with our Sports Collectables. Crystamas brings you a show stopper range of decors that every sports fan must showcase in his/her house. Each product can be an excellent addition to your existing collection. If you have a good friend who is a fan of the NFL then you cannot find anything better than Helmet of Bling or Joe Montana 24k Gold. Mike Tyson Boxing Glove 24k Gold is a luxurious gift for someone who gets inspiration from the greatest boxer. All these items are made in America.
Whimsical Face Masks
It’s a fun collection of face masks by Crystamas. The best part is that you can also customize our whimsical masks by adding an image or logo if the wholesale order is 50 or more. You can customize masks from our collection featuring Kiss Mask, Man Smile Face Mask, Smile Mask by Crystamas, Candy Lips Face Mask and more. Each mask is reusable, comfortable and breathable. You can wear these masks with your favorite outfit when you go out.

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