Luxury Home Décor made with 24k Gold, Rhodium in our Luxe line and  colored metals and Austrian pearls in out Grand Line at Find a truly one of a kind home accent pieces created with unsurpassed quality. Whether you are shopping for that special gift for valentine’s day or Mother’s Day or need a special corporate gift we have what you need. From a jewelry box, heart box, candlesticks to large table top, dining table accessories we have an assortment that will fit any living room with an accent piece to truly add glitz to your house decoration with the absolute best of the best. Grand line made overseas and Luxe made in the USA.


All Grand Home Products

Our Exclusive Grand Home Collection for Luxury Home Transformation

What’s the best way to make your home look luxurious? We wear expensive jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and chains for an appealing appearance to make ourselves stand out.
But what about embellishing your living space with the same luxury like a precious jewellery box or Swarovski Homeware?
Consider home decor centerpieces that are specifically meant to give your home a deluxe and affluent look. Crystamas has an exclusive range of homeware that will add to making your house look outstanding.
Our products are covered with gold and platinum colors and studded with beautifully shining Swarovski diamond cut Chatons. Despite its expensive design, we have prices that fall into anyone’s budget. Here is a list of some interesting things that you can currently buy from our online shopping portal.
Dining and Entertainment Accessories
How about transforming your dining table with a luxurious look to impress your guests? Along with an expensive utensils set, you can find a variety of luxurious accessories we have available....

  • Baguette napkin rings made with yellow gold and platinum color options. In order to enhance sparkle and shine, these napkin rings are embellished with Swarovski crystals and pearls. You will receive this beautiful ring in a keepsake box which is also perfect for gifting. Each napkin ring set of four also has a matching card holder available.
  • Wine coasters - Do you have any coaster for wine bottles made with extravagant crystals? If not, explore the exclusive range of hexagon and round wine coasters available in platinum and gold colors.
  • Pearla Flamma - Take your candle lit dinner to a next level with this pearl and crystal candle stick. Order these gold and platinum candlesticks with Swarovski crystals or Swarovski pearl combination according to your preference.

Beautifully crafted keepsake jewelry boxes
Whether you want to keep your expensive jewelry safe at home or looking for a memorable gifting option, keepsake boxes will definitely draw your attention. We have some amazingly designed options like a heart shaped jewelry box embellished with Swarovski crystals, lips shaped boxes, and larger square memento holders. Take a look at our recently added accessories in the collection.

  • Lips shaped bacio box available in gold, platinum and red colors. Small Swarovski crystals are hand set for a beautiful appearance.
  • Heart shaped jewellery box available in platinum, yellow gold, black and red colors. These unique home accent pieces are ideal for categorizing your rings in the closet.
  • Gold color boxes with Swarovski diamond cut round and princess cut crystals are ideal for storing jewellery items like necklaces and bracelets.

Apart from what’s listed, we also offer unique collections for people who are addicted to bling.
Our accent pieces for bedroom, living room and dining halls, and offices are simply extraordinary from the perspective of quality and design. Order for your personal home decoration or shop as a gift or corporate gift to someone special.