In order to preserve your piece, please do not use any harsh cleaners or polishes. Use the enclosed cloth to wipe your item from any environmental impurities. If additional cleaning is needed, use a wet soft cloth with a natural soap and gently wipe the ornament.

Properly store your collection in each individual display box or in a cloth bag. In humid environments a packet of demoisturizing crystals should be used.


Each leather piece is handcrafted from the finest Italian Lambskin leather. Being made from such a high quality, the leather is more delicate and should be handled accordingly.

A lambskin leather protectant can be used to protect your piece if it is going to be handled excessively.

When cleaning, be careful especially with light colored pieces to not darken or damage the leather.

Use a dry soft cloth to wipe off any impurities. If a deeper cleaning is needed use a Lambskin leather cleaning product. To maintain the beauty of the product, condition the pieces with a oil free Lambskin leather conditioner at least once a year. Do not store in direct sunlight or in a plastic bag. Keep in a cool and dry location.