Star of David Maxumus Platinum




Encompasses empowering baguettes and trillion-shaped stones with 54 Carats of the finest luxury crystals in the world..

Drenched in timeless gold or sleek platinum colors. Created in one solid piece. Just under six inches in length.


A bold piece that is impressive to behold. Beaming from every angle Circulus has 103 round stones of Crystal Chatons.

Drenched in timeless 24k gold or sleek white rhodium. Created in one solid piece weighs 60 grams and is just under five inches in length.

Each piece comes in a hand-crafted custom tiger wood box to protect and display your piece when not in use.

(in limited quantities)

Proudly made in the USA.

Diamond version available.


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Encompasses empowering baguettes and trillion shaped stones with 54 Carats of Austrian diamond cut Chatons.
Created in one solid piece.
Weighs 90 grams and just under six inches in length

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Grand $206, Luxe $546

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