Clara Flamma White



“Bright Flame.” Transparent crystal candle holder Where the light of the candle shines
Through the holder for an enchanting glow. Gold quartz handle on the lid. Six inches in height.

180g candle, vegetable wax, oil perfume scent by the finest French candle makers. Candle refills available.

Scents: Choose 1

SEVE DEFIGUIER “Fig Tree Sap” Fig, Sandalwood, coco, musk a peaceful elegant scent.

EMBRUNS MARINS “See Spray” Thyme, Pine, Jasmin, Rose, a fresh Clean sent.

AMBRE GOURMAND “Amber Abundance” Coffee, Amber, Cinnamon, Tobacco, Clove, a strong Captivating sent.

Comes in a laquered wood gift box.

  • Uses the finest Crystals in the world that are hand set


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